2020 Board of Directors

Thank you for voting! Below are the candidates selected by our membership to serve on the 2020 Board of Directors. We are grateful for the tremendous response!

Ezinne Chinemere, Founder & CEO

 Vision Statement:

 I envision an AAE whose platform is the voice of educators, home visitors, and community health workers in the asthma trenches each and every day, reducing the burden of asthma, specifically within underserved populations and communities of color. 

I spent years conducting home visits and training home visitors and I know the challenges home visitors and families face today.  We can no longer conduct programs in communities without their voices.  My lack of clinical background will be an asset to AAE.   Asthma is much about the families’ experiences as it is the medical condition and that’s what I advocate for.


 Kevin Collins, PhD, RRT, RPFT, AE-C

 Vision Statement:

As a father of an asthmatic teenage son, a respiratory therapy researcher and educator, and a certified asthma educator I look forward to bringing strength and new ideas to the AAE with knowledge and expertise in adult asthma education.  I plan to combine my research in adult asthma education with the opportunity to grow in knowledge with the other members of the AAE. I stand with the AAE and I am focused on using my education, training, and skills to support the mission for the AAE in promoting quality education and advocating for patients and their families.


Mark Hoffman PhD, ATC

Vision Statement

As a Board member, I will promote AAE’s focus on being an inter-professional organization through initiatives to expand membership from all healthcare professions, specifically those currently underrepresented in AAE (e.g., school nurses, pharmacists, and athletic trainers).  To accomplish this, I will support AAE reaching out and forming partnerships with other professional healthcare organizations giving us the opportunity to provide their members continuing education credits, deepen partnerships, and expanding asthma education in schools.  As AAE grows, partnerships will become more and more critical to realizing the vision of advocating for patients with asthma and improving asthma management outcomes. 


Elisa C. Thompson APRN-CNP, AE-C

My vision for AAE is that we may more effectively reach members of the healthcare community that may have interest in asthma education and care but are not able to attend the annual meeting. I believe this happens on several levels including: promotion of our organization and asthma education via varying media platforms (social media, webinars, asthma bulletins with quick literature reviews) and strengthening relationships within the healthcare network (primary, pulmonology, allergy and asthma, schools, churches) that give us access to potential partners. I am particularly interested in how quickly information travels when sent down the right path. Direct communication is key and this is one of my strengths.


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