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Our History

The Association of Asthma Educators was founded in 1998 (click to see a list of the original founding members) and is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality education to a multidisciplinary group of asthma educators. As such, AAE serves as the premier professional organization representing health care professionals who identify themselves as asthma educators, many of whom will sit for the national asthma educator certification examination. We are one of the 20 stakeholder organizations assisting the National Asthma Educator Certification Board (NAECB) in its mission to establish a standardized national certification examination to promote quality patient education by qualified asthma educators.

Where We Are Today

AAE's membership includes nurses, nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, doctors, physician assistants, community health workers, case managers and social workers.

To meet the challenges of providing quality continuing education to this diverse group, AAE holds an annual conference. These conferences have offered a variety of programs to meet the needs of asthma educators. In 2003, AAE developed and launched a powerful Review Course program that helps to prepare participants to sit for the National Asthma Educator Certification Exam . The course content has been updated to include the 2007 EPR3 guidelines. This comprehensive program is scheduled across the country. It is also available for viewing on your computer or DVD. AAE also offers a Becoming an Asthma Educator program.

In addition to the Annual Conference, AAE has produced continuing education monographs on culturally competent asthma care as well as an inhalation therapy devices. It also publishes a quarterly newsletter and bimonthly journal. There are numerous opportunities to grow, both individually, and as a group, with the support we secure from industry leaders.


The shared vision of the Association of Asthma Educators:

  • AAE is the premier provider of evidence-based asthma education.
  • AAE advocates for patients with asthma and their families.
  • AAE advocates for underserved and minority populations, and addresses disparities in asthma outcomes.
  • AAE improves asthma management and education outcomes.


The Association of Asthma Educators promotes these values:

  • Integrity and ethics in governing and educating;
  • Diversity in membership, leadership, and education;
  • Collaboration and partnering to serve the members; and
  • Communications among board of directors, members and staff.

Statement of Ethics and Professional Conduct for Asthma Educators

In the conduct of professional activities, Asthma Educators shall:

  • Remain within the scope of their particular discipline.
  • Recognize the boundaries or limitations of their level of competence or expertise in the presentation of information or opinions intended to influence their audience.
  • Disseminate accurate asthma educational information according to the current accepted National asthma guidelines and standards.
  • Bridge the asthma educational gap between the patient, family, community and all medical disciplines.
  • Develop effective educational programs that take full advantage of resources that are provided by our medical, research, and social communities.
  • Gain and maintain patient trust and protect confidentiality per HIPAA guidelines.
  • Respect cultures, ethnicities, religious beliefs and practices, gender, sexual orientations, disabilities and level of education.
  • Perform responsibilities, without bias, distortions or personal prejudice.
  • Refuse to participate in or conceal illegal, unethical or incompetent acts of others, no matter the circumstance or relationship.
  • Avoid any form of misconduct, activity, or association that creates or gives the appearance of a conflict of interest; and declare honestly and accurately all conflicts of interest.
  • View our organization's Bylaws here.

Organizational Chart


View a list of our current Board of Directors here.

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