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The AAE would like to introduce a new program called Asthma Advocates of the Month.    If you know anyone doing meaningful asthma work, you can nominate that person to receive this award.  Each month, the nominees will receive a commendation letter from the AAE and be listed on our website.   Each nominee will also receive a small gift as a token of our appreciation for his/her efforts.   The recipient does not have to be an active member of the AAE.   If you would like to nominate someone, please email with the person’s name, email address and a few sentences on why he/she deserves this recognition.


Please help us congratulate Lorene Alba, AE-C, on being nominated for an AAE Asthma Advocate Award in December, 2017.

Lorene is a Certified Asthma Educator and specializes in teaching clinicians and educators NHLBI asthma guideline-based care.  She developed the “Asthma Management Academy”, an educational series focused on the unique learning needs of community health workers that conduct in-home asthma interventions.  She has also worked on development of patient education materials such as Asthma Basics, an online learning module from the American Lung Association.  Lorene serves on the editorial team and as a content contributor for  She has presented her work at major conferences such as American Public Health Association and the Association of Asthma Educators.   We thank Lorene for her dedication and service.


The AAE would like to congratulate the following nominees in August 2017: Jon Ramsey, Catherine Kier, Karen Gregory and Kimberly Byrne

The AAE would like to congratulate the following nominees in July 2017: Tonya Winders, Barbara Gwinn, Tanika Robinson, Bruce Brown, Anita Shuler and Keiko Barfield

The AAE would like to congratulate 2018 nominees: Lorene Alba


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