Asthma advocate of the month

The AAE would like to introduce a new program called Asthma Advocates of the Month.    If you know anyone doing meaningful asthma work, you can nominate that person to receive this award.  Each month, the nominees will receive a commendation letter from the AAE and be listed on our website.   Each nominee will also receive a small gift as a token of our appreciation for his/her efforts.   The recipient does not have to be an active member of the AAE.   If you would like to nominate someone, please email with the person’s name, email address and a few sentences on why he/she deserves this recognition.


The AAE would like to congratulate the following nominees in July 2017:

Tonya Winders (Virginia):  Tonya is the CEO of the Allergy & Asthma Network.  She is devoted to allergies and asthma awareness not only for work, but also because she also has children with allergies and asthma.  She creates new, unique messaging including the recent "lunch boxes installation" in DC to show how many kids miss school each day due to asthma and environmental factors.  The AAE appreciates Tonya’s service and commends her important work!

Barbara Gwinn (North Carolina):  Barbara was nominated for her dedicated service as an Asthma Educator.   She always has the patient’s best interest in mind and is extremely passionate about caring for her patients with asthma.  She does an outstanding job in educating patients, parents, and staff about asthma and the appropriate treatment.  She has been an integral part of bringing patients into her practice’s office that are due or overdue for evaluation.   The AAE commends Barbara’s continued service!  


Tanika Robinson (Florida): Tanika was nominated for her work on developing a mission statement for her hospital group. She has also assisted in the development of a hospital recognition application and has been a strong force in the hospital spreading information on asthma education for the staff.   The AAE applauds Tanika’s hard work at advancing asthma education.  

Bruce Brown (Florida): Bruce was nominated for his work as a respiratory therapist and asthma educator at Nemours Children’s Hospital.  He has demonstrated professionalism, collegiality, personal integrity, energetic enthusiasm and dedicated desire toward his patients and in particular the asthmatic population throughout his career.  He has a robust medical knowledge in respiratory therapy and his ability to plan care, set priorities and carry out interventions are stellar. Bruce is currently an active member of the local asthma coalition consisting of several acute care institutions along with the Orange County health department working on coordinating in home air quality testing, home environmental control interventions and asthma education to high-risk areas in central Florida.   He works on numerous advocacy projects as well.  The AAE would like to recognize Bruce’s great achievements.  

Anita Shuler (South Carolina): Anita was nominated for her years of service at the Medical University of South Carolina.  She is an energetic, creative, effective and positive leader of asthma programs and asthma education.   She is a member of the Children’s Hospital Asthma Management Committee and serves many roles to provide great asthma care.  She also works with post discharge follow-ups, home visitation and telemedicine programs and is involved in asthma research.  We applaud Anita’s strong work ethic and devotion to asthma education.  

Keiko Barfield (California):  Keiko was nominated for her work serving low-income children with asthma with the Northern California BreathMobile.   She coordinates all aspects of asthma services and does so with a calm, kind demeanor in both English and Spanish.   The AAE would like to thank Keiko for her dedication and service.


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