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Asthma Education for the Community Health Worker (CHW)

About the program:

AAE has developed this program to prepare entry-level community health workers (CHW) to effectively provide basic asthma management education. The program is available to community and healthcare organizations with an interest in enabling staff and volunteers to improve the care and understanding of the disease for patients and families living with asthma.

Preview video content Training Module 1 Scope of Asthma:

What the Program provides:

  • Ensures that community health workers receive a consistent high-quality curriculum developed by Certified Asthma Educators
  • Provides an effective, nationally available low-cost program
  • Facilitates community health workers' communication with clinical mentors for professional development

Program Overview:

The AAE is dedicated to supporting the asthma educational needs of Community Health Workers by providing a comprehensive training program based on the national asthma guidelines. As a result, the Asthma Education for the Community Health Worker program was carefully designed and reviewed by over 35 asthma educators around the nation to ensure participants receive a high-quality curriculum. It includes five separate teaching modules and concludes with a comprehensive evaluation.

The Asthma Education for the Community Health Worker program covers basic information about asthma, but is not a certification program for community health workers. Participants who successfully complete the program and earn a satisfactory score on the comprehensive exam will earn an AAE Certificate of Completion. To earn a certificate of completion, the AAE requires that the participant show a higher than average understanding of the information presented in the program. Our goal is for the medical community to hold this certificate of completion earned by CHWs in high esteem to further build their confidence in having community health workers included in the asthma care team.

Each training module is between 90 and 120 minutes in length and contains instructional content and interactive activities to reinforce the learning objectives. The AAE requires the program to be taught by a certified asthma educator with the National Asthma Educator Certification Board’s AE-C credential. In addition, the AAE encourages adding a CHW with asthma experience as a co-trainer, when available, to maximize participant understanding through peer mentoring. A video has also been included in the design to present each module’s instructional content by an experienced CHW.

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Pricing Guideline:

  • List Price: $40/manual (participant or trainer) plus $10 shipping/handling


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