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Proposed Changes to AAE's Bylaws For Membership Review/Comment

18 Aug 2017 7:20 AM | Gregory Metz

Dear AAE members,

We are in the process of updating our organization's bylaws.  The last review was in 2013.  I have attached the proposed edits to AAE’s bylaws for your review and comment.

Please send any comments to: by September 18.

Here is a link to our current  bylaws that are posted on our website.

Below is the proposed changes.   The primary changes are: addition of  a student membership, taking out wording related to “mailing” ballots, etc to membership (since we now communicate via email) and lastly increasing the amount of money the treasurer / officers can authorize to spend (the annual meeting expenses are often greater than current bylaw limits).


Gregory Metz

AAE President


Proposed Edits to AAE Bylaws


The membership of the Association shall be composed of three levels:

Student – Open to full-time students in nursing, medicine, pharmacy, respiratory care, social work or others in a full time training program related to asthma care.   Proof of current enrollment is required.  Student members have full voting privileges. 

Associate - Open to any individual with an interest in the field of asthma education who wishes to increase her or his asthma knowledge.  Associate members have full voting privileges.

Professional - Open to any individual who is licensed, certified or holds a professional degree in a health-related field and is actively involved in asthma education within the past year.  Professional members have full voting privileges. 


Section 3- Composition

A Board of Directors consisting of 12 members shall govern the Association.  The Board of Directors shall be elected by the general membership and each elected member of the Board shall serve a three-year term, with one third of the members being replaced or re-elected each year.   All members of the Board of Directors shall be voting members.  No more than 2 Associate members may serve on the Board of Directors at any given time.  Student members may not serve on the Board of Directors.

Section 4- Election and Term

(Second paragraph):

Under Board approval, the Secretary of the Board and/or the Chair of the Nominating Committee shall instruct the Management Company to prepare and send the ballots and/or ballot information.  All members of the Association in good standing are entitled to vote and the ballot or information on ballots and voting shall be emailed to each member.


Section 2- Expenditures

The Treasurer and President have the authority to process expenditures up to $2500 on his or her signature alone.  Expenditures over $2500.00 may be made with the Treasurer’s or President’s signature AND the approval of one officer.  Any expenditure over $10,000 must be approved by all the officers. 


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