CHIP Awareness Day

11 Oct 2017 3:18 PM | Anonymous

Today is CHIP awareness day when the AAP has urged everyone to communicate with the congressional delegations the importance of maintaining the funding for CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program) which has already been allowed to expire.  It is a bedrock program to support children with chronic health conditions to get the complex care they need.  It supports families that are slightly better off than those who qualify for Medicaid with much lower out-of-pocket expenses.  A recent study found that Children with asthma in families with $20-30,000 annual income would face annual out-of-pocket expenses on marketplace Medicaid of $284 vs. only $27 with CHIP coverage.  We know asthma care is expensive and reduces parental attendance at work, so ANY increase in out-of-pocket costs will have a double impact by decreasing compliance and worsen asthma outcomes.  Today is CHIP day for the AAP, but folks who can't get to it today still need to communicate with their legislators asap.  It is a crucial imperiled program for kids. 

Today is CHIP day for the AAP,  if you can't get to it today, please communicate with your legislators asap about the importance of this program.  It is a crucial imperiled program for kids.

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