• 22 Aug 2018 9:29 AM | Anonymous

    FDA takes additional action to mitigate EpiPen shortages by extending expiration date for specific lots of medication
    FDA News Release (08/21/18)

    FDA on Tuesday took additional action to mitigate shortages of EpiPen (epinephrine) auto-injector by extending the expiration date of specific lots of 0.3 milligram products marketed by Mylan by 4 months beyond the labeled expiration date. This change beyond the approved 20 month shelf life is based on stability data provided by Mylan and reviewed by FDA. To help ensure patient safety, these products, which already have been dispensed to patients, should have been — and should continue to be — stored as labeled. While product is currently available, multiple factors, including regional supply disruptions and manufacturer issues, have contributed to EpiPen’s limited availability in certain areas in the United States. FDA continues to work closely with Mylan on EpiPen production and supply, and also has been in contact with the other manufacturers of epinephrine auto-injectors, including Adrenaclick and Auvi-Q, regarding their supply as the school year begins since this is historically accompanied by increased product demand. The agency also recently approved the first generic version of EpiPen. Mylan also has established a customer service number, which has been posted on FDA's website, to help pharmacies and patients locate EpiPens if necessary. Information on supply information of other approved epinephrine autoinjector products can also be found on the agency’s website:

  • 26 Jul 2018 4:52 PM | Gregory Metz (Administrator)

    Consider running for the AAE's board of directors!

    The deadline is August 10th.

    Find out more information on how to submit your nomination at 

  • 24 Jul 2018 6:53 PM | Jared Rice (Administrator)
    The Alabama Asthma Coalition is pleased to announce a Call for Abstracts to be presented at the September 21, 2018 meeting to be held at the Alabama Department of Health, 3060 Mobile Highway, Montgomery, AL 36108.  The meeting will be from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

    The abstract should be 250 words.  The presentation can be research completed or in progress, innovation, ideas for programs or partnerships.  Presentations can be for any topic in Education, Healthcare or Advocacy.

    Abstracts, objectives, topic area and a 50-word bio should be submitted electronically to  The due date for submission is July 13, 2018.  The author of the selected papers will be notified by August 10, 2018.  Presenters will be responsible for paying their hotel and travel expenses, if needed. 

    Papers will be selected after review by the Steering Committee and Committee Chairs.

    Any inquiries about the Call for Abstracts should be submitted to

  • 19 Jun 2018 5:09 PM | Gregory Metz (Administrator)

    Please consider running for the board of directors.   We need your help, talents, new ideas and leadership to advance our mission.    One of the greatest strengths of AAE is our diverse membership which is focused on our common goal.  

    Information about the Board:

    The Board consists of twelve (12) members.  Each of these twelve (12) members serves a three (3) year term.  A board member can only serve on the board for two (2) completed three year terms. Once the two terms are served, the board member must rotate off the board for two (2) years before reapplying for the board.  The 2018 call for nominations has four (4) positions to be filled.

    Who can serve? Members in good standing with the Association who have held their AAE membership for at least one year prior to applying are eligible to apply. A committee made up of board members will review the applications and complete an evaluation form on each applicant.

    How do I apply? To submit your application to serve, you must send your current CV that highlights your experience relevant to asthma and asthma education, along with a head photo, and a 100-word vision statement for AAE and how your membership on the board will contribute to your vision, to the Chair of the Nominating Committee.  Applications will be accepted until August 10, 2018.  No late submissions will be accepted.

    How is one elected to the board?  Once all the applications have been received and reviewed, a slate of candidates for available board positions will be sent to the membership for election by the members. This general election process starts on the first Monday in October, 2018, and closes on October 31, 2018.  A notification of acceptance will be sent to successful nominees letting them know of their election to the Board.  A notification will also be sent to each person that applied that did not get elected.  The newly elected Board of Directors will take effect January 1, 2019.

    Board members attend a phone meeting each month, an in-person meeting each year at the annual conference and assist with the planning and executing of AAE activities throughout the year. 

    Please contact me with any questions.   Also, if you can attend the upcoming annual conference, please come talk to any of the board members for more information.

    Thank you for your membership, dedication and interest in serving the Association of Asthma Eduators.

    Gregory Metz, MD, AE-C

    Chair, Nominations Committee


  • 09 May 2018 12:57 PM | Anonymous

    Mylan issued an explanatory statement on the supply of the Epipen and requested that we share it with our membership.

    "Our first priority is to ensure patients with a life-threatening allergy have access to epinephrine auto-injector products. We encourage patients who are experiencing difficulty accessing product to contact Mylan Customer Relations at 800-796-9526 for assistance in locating alternative pharmacies. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET."

  • 04 Apr 2018 1:25 PM | Anonymous

    Be the Boss of Your Asthma is an asthma patient tool developed through a partnership between AAN, AAE, AAFA and other organizations that can be a great resource for patients. It includes information and helpful resources like "Doctor Visit Checklist" and "Asthma Fact Sheet".

  • 30 Mar 2018 1:35 PM | Gregory Metz (Administrator)

    We are updating the organization's policies and procedures.    I have attached some proposed edits for your review and comment.

    Please send comments to by April 30, 2018

    1. We are removing "mailing notifications" AND replacing with "emailing notifications" throughout the policies.

    2.  The student membership information edits are underlined. .

    I.              Student Membership

    a.    Student membership is free. 

    b.    Open to full-time students in nursing or respiratory care, medical residents, fellows or those in health-related training programs with an interest in the field of asthma education. Proof of enrollment is required with the application.

    c.    Student members have full voting privileges

    d.    Students are encouraged to contribute to the newsletter, participate in projects or share asthma resources/research

  • 30 Mar 2018 1:28 PM | Gregory Metz (Administrator)

    We are in the process of updating our organization's policies and procedures.    The last full  review was several years ago.   I have attached  proposed edits to AAE’s policies for your review and comment.

    Please send any comments to: by April 30, 2018

    Revised Policy on CE Credits:

    Purpose Statement:

    To provide direction for obtaining continuing education credit for education programs given by the Association of Asthma Educators.

    Policies and Procedures:

    1. It is the policy of the Association to provide continuing education credit for

    Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Case Managers, Practioners and Pharmacists who attend and/or receive their education programs.

    For all continuing education hours, the policy of the Association will be to comply with the current accreditation agency requirements as applies to their individual professional disciplines (Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Case Managers, Practioners and Pharmacists), including fees and applications as required to maintain provider approval status of the organization.

    This will be done by the Committee Chair in conjunction with the Management Company.

    Management Company will review upcoming renewal fees and accreditation changes for each discipline as applicable and notify Committee Chair to review as required when changes are noted. 

    AAE may select Continuing Education Providers as needed to meet its current needs provided approved by the BOD.

  • 09 Mar 2018 2:09 PM | Gregory Metz (Administrator)

    Dear AAE members,

    I am pleased to announce that I will be conducting a free online asthma education/self-management program this summer.   I presented the original findings on this effective program at the 2016 conference in Jacksonville, Florida.  In the program, adults with asthma or caregivers that have children with asthma are asked to share their experiences about asthma and then I make brief you tube videos sharing the NHLBI guidelines regarding topics such as triggers, medications, and asthma control.   Program participants found that the interactive engaging communication really helped them to better understand asthma and how to self-manage it.   

    If you are interested in getting involved in this program there are two potential realms:

    1) If you work with adults or caregivers that have children with asthma they can enroll (you can share the flyer with them)

    2) If you would like to participate as part of the team to conduct the program let me know

    Please contact me for additional information and/or you would like me to email you the flyer for this program.


    Stuart Tousman, Ph.D.   


  • 21 Feb 2018 1:22 PM | Anonymous

    As an important partner, Teva Respiratory wanted to make you aware of the upcoming launch of QVAR® RediHaler™ (beclomethasone dipropionate HFA) Inhalation Aerosol, which will be available by prescription beginning on February 12, 2018. Teva will be discontinuing QVAR® (beclomethasone dipropionate HFA). Patients and caregivers are encouraged to speak with their doctors to learn more about how this discontinuation may affect their current treatment plans. 

    Important limitation of use, QVAR® RediHaler™ is not indicated for the relief of acute bronchospasm. QVAR ® RediHaler ™ (beclomethasone dipropionate HFA) Inhalation Aerosol is indicated for the maintenance treatment of asthma as prophylactic therapy in patients 4 years of age or older. It contains the same small-particle medication as the currently-available QVAR®, but in a "spacer-free" design (do not use with a spacer). The inhaler no longer requires priming and in addition, it utilizes innovative “breath-actuated” inhaler technology to deliver the medicine, eliminating the need for hand-breath coordination. Prescribing information and additional details:

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