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    The Association of Asthma Educators invites submission of abstracts/project posters related to any aspect of diagnosis, care or education of asthma. The submissions will be peer reviewed by a conference committee panel, and selected authors of accepted abstracts/project posters will be invited to present a poster presentation at the Association of Asthma Educators’ annual conference in Phoenix, AZ at the Arizona Grand Resort from July 20-22, 2018. Three “top” submissions will be chosen for oral presentations during the conference agenda. You do not have to be a member of AAE to submit an abstract/poster. However, if accepted, the presenter must be registered for the AAE meeting and a current AAE member in good standing of their membership dues to present at conference. The top abstract/poster winner after review will be provided free registration for the 2019 conference!

    Please download for complete details:

    2018 CALL FOR Asthma Project Poster for 2017 AAE Conference.pdf

    Abtract Poster Submission Specification.pdf

  • 20 Dec 2017 8:43 PM | Gregory Metz (Administrator)

    Please help us congratulate Lorene Alba, AE-C, on being nominated for an AAE Asthma Advocate Award.  

    Read more at 

  • 08 Nov 2017 5:26 PM | Anonymous

    As we are entering the influenza season, it is strongly recommended that those with asthma receive a flu vaccine.
    Learn more at:

  • 13 Oct 2017 1:55 PM | Gregory Metz (Administrator)

    We are in the process of updating our organization's policies and procedures.    The last review was several years ago.   I have attached  proposed edits to AAE’s policies for your review and comment.

    The underlined parts are the proposed changes.

    Please send any comments to: by Nov. 13th


    Gregory Metz

    AAE President   

    On the "Mailing List Policy", the following would be added

    Requests for mailings, electronic communications, announcements, questionnaires or research by AAE members to involve AAE membership will need to be reviewed and approved by the executive board for appropriateness

  • 11 Oct 2017 3:18 PM | Anonymous

    Today is CHIP awareness day when the AAP has urged everyone to communicate with the congressional delegations the importance of maintaining the funding for CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program) which has already been allowed to expire.  It is a bedrock program to support children with chronic health conditions to get the complex care they need.  It supports families that are slightly better off than those who qualify for Medicaid with much lower out-of-pocket expenses.  A recent study found that Children with asthma in families with $20-30,000 annual income would face annual out-of-pocket expenses on marketplace Medicaid of $284 vs. only $27 with CHIP coverage.  We know asthma care is expensive and reduces parental attendance at work, so ANY increase in out-of-pocket costs will have a double impact by decreasing compliance and worsen asthma outcomes.  Today is CHIP day for the AAP, but folks who can't get to it today still need to communicate with their legislators asap.  It is a crucial imperiled program for kids. 

    Today is CHIP day for the AAP,  if you can't get to it today, please communicate with your legislators asap about the importance of this program.  It is a crucial imperiled program for kids.

    Find your representatives:

  • 06 Oct 2017 1:57 PM | Gregory Metz (Administrator)

    We are in the process of updating our organization's policies and procedures.    The last review was several years ago.   I have attached  proposed edits to AAE’s policies for your review and comment.

    The underlined parts are the proposed changes.

    Please send any comments to: by September 25.


    Gregory Metz

    AAE President  

    In the awards policy section of the “policies and procedures” it states:

    A call for nominations will be posted on the Association website and will be made by e-blast to all members.  (we propose removing “and may be made by mail if necessary”

  • 14 Sep 2017 1:07 PM | Gregory Metz (Administrator)

    Check out our new webinars and podcasts added to the Education Tab on the website.


  • 01 Sep 2017 9:07 AM | Administrators AAE (Administrator)

    Since 2012, more than 73,000 schools have enrolled in the EpiPen4Schools® program, and results from surveys of participating schools demonstrate the need to continue to engage all schools. According to the most recently published data from our EpiPen4Schools survey, there were more than 2,000 anaphylactic events in 2014/2015, as reported by more than 12,000 schools participating in the program, and of the events where epinephrine was administered, half were treated with an epinephrine auto-injector provided by the program. Food was the most common trigger, though in 33% of events, the trigger was unknown.  Nearly 25% of these occurred in individuals with no previously known allergies.

    For students and other individuals with known severe allergies, they must always take care to avoid their allergens and have access to epinephrine, the only first-line treatment for anaphylaxis, should exposure occur. There are several epinephrine choices now available on the market. If your constituents have a prescription for EpiPen® or EpiPen Jr® Auto-Injectors, please help ensure they are familiar with the patient resources Mylan offers.

    Mylan’s Epinephrine Auto-Injector Patient Resources

    ·         Includes information about the authorized generic for EpiPen Auto-Injector; the savings cards available for both EpiPen Auto-Injector and the authorized generic; Mylan’s patient assistance program and the EpiPen4Schools program.

     EpiPen4Schools Infographic and EpiPen4Schools Fact Sheet

    ·         Provides more detail about the EpiPen4Schools program, including participation statistics, survey results and myths and facts.

    Additional information 

  • 25 Aug 2017 1:11 PM | Gregory Metz (Administrator)

    We are in the process of updating our organization's policies and procedures.    The last review was several years ago.   I have attached  proposed edits to AAE’s policies for your review and comment.

    The underlined parts are the proposed changes.

    Please send any comments to: by September 25.


    Gregory Metz

    AAE President 

    Association of Asthma Educators

    Policy & Procedure Title:

    AE-C Preparation and Recertification Course Policy

    Current Version # and Date Approved:

    Version #1 – April 1, 2009

    Purpose Statement:

    The Association of Asthma Educators will provide educational products that support the mission of this organization in raising the competency of individuals who educate patients and families affected by asthma.

    In order to maintain the scientific integrity of the educational programs produced by AAE, a review coordinator, advisor, and multidisciplinary panel will be appointed (remove annually ) to review and revise all educational programs offered by AAE.

    Policies and Procedures:

    I.                The Executive Committee of Directors will appoint a Review Coordinator, one advisor and multidisciplinary panel to review and/or revise the AE-C Preparation and Recertification Course by the April or May Board Meeting. The Board may ask the Education Committee Chair or the appointed Review Coordinator to make recommendations for the advisor and multidisciplinary panel.

    II.                The Review Coordinator, advisor and multidisciplinary panel may serve consecutive years in this capacity as approved by the Executive Committee.

    III.                The Review Coordinator shall oversee the multidisciplinary panel activities and will be responsible for communication with the board of directors regarding panel activities.

    IV.                The review advisor shall have extensive involvement in past development or presentation of the respective educational program and will serve as a content expert.

    V.                The interdisciplinary review panel shall be composed of a diverse group of individuals such as nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, clinicians, social workers, care coordinators, lay educators or others who represent the diverse AAE membership base.  


  • 18 Aug 2017 7:20 AM | Gregory Metz (Administrator)

    Dear AAE members,

    We are in the process of updating our organization's bylaws.  The last review was in 2013.  I have attached the proposed edits to AAE’s bylaws for your review and comment.

    Please send any comments to: by September 18.

    Here is a link to our current  bylaws that are posted on our website.

    Below is the proposed changes.   The primary changes are: addition of  a student membership, taking out wording related to “mailing” ballots, etc to membership (since we now communicate via email) and lastly increasing the amount of money the treasurer / officers can authorize to spend (the annual meeting expenses are often greater than current bylaw limits).


    Gregory Metz

    AAE President


    Proposed Edits to AAE Bylaws


    The membership of the Association shall be composed of three levels:

    Student – Open to full-time students in nursing, medicine, pharmacy, respiratory care, social work or others in a full time training program related to asthma care.   Proof of current enrollment is required.  Student members have full voting privileges. 

    Associate - Open to any individual with an interest in the field of asthma education who wishes to increase her or his asthma knowledge.  Associate members have full voting privileges.

    Professional - Open to any individual who is licensed, certified or holds a professional degree in a health-related field and is actively involved in asthma education within the past year.  Professional members have full voting privileges. 


    Section 3- Composition

    A Board of Directors consisting of 12 members shall govern the Association.  The Board of Directors shall be elected by the general membership and each elected member of the Board shall serve a three-year term, with one third of the members being replaced or re-elected each year.   All members of the Board of Directors shall be voting members.  No more than 2 Associate members may serve on the Board of Directors at any given time.  Student members may not serve on the Board of Directors.

    Section 4- Election and Term

    (Second paragraph):

    Under Board approval, the Secretary of the Board and/or the Chair of the Nominating Committee shall instruct the Management Company to prepare and send the ballots and/or ballot information.  All members of the Association in good standing are entitled to vote and the ballot or information on ballots and voting shall be emailed to each member.


    Section 2- Expenditures

    The Treasurer and President have the authority to process expenditures up to $2500 on his or her signature alone.  Expenditures over $2500.00 may be made with the Treasurer’s or President’s signature AND the approval of one officer.  Any expenditure over $10,000 must be approved by all the officers. 


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